Why do you need a Website and Learn about SEO

Why do I need a website

So today I will try to explain the influence that a website can have in your life.

If you are a student or just left college and you don’t have a website, now is the time get a website.
Why you may ask, because nowadays if you want to know about someone the first thing that you do, is to search online and just imagine that the firsts results that appear is your test scores of college!!

Why do I need a website, because of this Yeah looks good! No!!!!

So you have two options. Live life and wait for that amazing PDF file to vanish from the face of the earth or just try to push it to a place where no one will see it again, like the second page of Google results. And how can you make that happen, you fist need to create a website and after that, you need to work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

First thing, create a website.

Please don’t use a free domain and/or hosting service, just don’t.
I am not here to make any recommendation, neither to try make you choose a service, I am just saying to not use a free service because you will easily outgrow it and then it will be big problem to get your stuff back, so just save yourself the trouble. I am talking by experience.

Not only that but, when you see a custom domain it looks a lot better than only your name has a sub domain and you can have your own private email that ends on @yourdomain.* that inspires a lot of trust on the person.

So, you have decided to buy a domain name to yourself, but now you don’t know what choose. If it is a website to promote your self, try use you first and last name has the main domain name, like I have in my “davidteles.com”.

Ok if it is available great, time to get to work. If it isn’t available, don’t worry, lets explore other possibilities.
Try changing the .com to .me (or .name if the others aren’t available), since it is a website about yourself you can try go by these routes. If you simply can’t find a domain available, then try to add another name to your domain like “firstmidlelast.com” since it reduces the chances of the domain being already taken, but please, please don’t make a domain name so big that it takes me 5min to remember the full domain.

So you have your domain, now you need to find hosting. The only thing I want to say about this is, try find a hosting with CPannel and if you don’t know web programming get one with 1 Click WordPress Installation so you can easily put your website up and running.

At last you have your website up but you don’t have views and/or you can’t find you website on Google (At least on the first 3 pages). What can you do to change this, do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

  • First submit the URL of your website to Google and Bing this will help the search engines know about your website.
  • Create a webmaster console account, verify that you own you website and then submit the site map of website (if you are using wordpress install the Yoast pluggin to create your site map).
  • Optimize your page titles and metadata so they get a better ranking in the search engine algorithms
  • Add a link to your website in all of your Social Networks pages
  • Link to your Social Network pages on your website
  • Start posting important information on your website to attract more views
  • Have easy navigation
  • Structure your website in a way that is appealing to the eyes (no crazy background colors)
  • Have small and simple URLs without stuffing
  • Get a SSL certificate (HTTPS)

So that is it, this are the main reason why do I need a website.
These are the things that I have applied to my website to get it up from the 3rd page of Google to the first, and with this increase my visibility on the web.

I hope this tips helped you not only decided that you need a website but also get it up on the first page of Google search.

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