How Youtube can help you!

Youtube is one of the best platforms to learn and find motivation, but today I am not talking about Youtube in that perspective.

For some time that I wanted to start a Youtube channel, but until one month ago I always found an excuse to not do it (No proper camera, then no proper audio) but after fixing all the problems what I discovered was that the video quality was not the main problem. The biggest problem was the lack of creativity to handle the work flow needed to sustain a Youtube channel.

It looks so easy but I can tell you that it is not easy. I can lose more time, trying to find a theme to a video, than the time needed to mak it, only to most times scrap it because it is silly and not interesting.

I find me brainstorming and trying to see the world in a new way, searching things and finding new interests like marketing what is making my beginning Youtube journey way worth it.

A journey that I think everyone should experience, just because they can easily access it and take so much profit from it.

So this is the end of my first blog!!! YEYYY