About me

My name is David Oliveira Teles, 24 years old (for the time being), I am an Electrical Engineer with a masters degree from IST (Instituto Superior Técnico), located in Lisbon, Portugal.

I’m in love with electronics and everything that can fly. I started experimenting with electronics since I was a kid, beginning to play with a arduino with only 14 years old.
At my 15 the internet helped me building my first quadcopter, or nowadays, my first drone, from scratch what help me also start in the aeromodelling and with this a new passion appear, things that can fly.

Since then, all my projects lift of the ground, literally. I end up letting my ground projects for a future, and starting applying my time in multicopters.

Why multicopters?
Multicopters were starting to hit the main stream and so I found a good place to start applying my time to get more in depth on the issue.
From there I have built and helped others build and improve their machines.

There came a time, that flying was not enough. This was time to start improving every machine and start learning new technics. FPV (First Person View) was just hitting the market, so little was the information about the hardware, but with a lot of try and error I finaly could have almost the perfect flying experience.

From a passion comes another one!

When flying FPV I started noticing how beautifull it was and with this I wanted to show to everyone how beautifull of a thing flying is.
With this a passion on photography was born. Almost every photograph I take, has the sky was the main point of interest, most of the times with high contrast and over saturated.

This are the main things about me that I know my self right now.

Maybe in the future I will know more.
And if so I will write it here.